In the months since the completion of our first project, we have been fairly inactive. There are a few reasons for this, which we hope this article will be able to explain. This article will also set out a very basic idea of what we think the future holds for KHP.


KHP has achieved the main goal that it set out to accomplish: We have built a duplex in the Masaiti district, which has allowed 2 nurses to move in and begin operating a clinic which has been much needed and overdue for many years. Since then, there has not been much news to report, because we have been unable to visit the clinic during the prolonged wet season. A visit there is planned for the penultimate week of June. Until then – when we plan to obtain some monitoring on the number of patients treated and disease control data – we can only say that the clinic continues to function smoothly. 

Theresa Foot

As many of you are aware, KHP was founded and mainly driven by the thoughts and efforts of Theresa Foot. Since she passed away last year, the task of keeping KHP going has been left to her close family (Simon, her husband, and her two sons, Sam and Adam). This has made things difficult, as we are all pursuing different things. It is also often the case, that none of us are in Zambia for long periods of time. Therefore, it is difficult to make frequent updates, and chasing new projects is virtually out of the question for now. 

The Future

It was always Theresa’s goal to continue trying to raise money in order to fund more healthcare projects. The next project was intended to aid the construction of an HIV test and advice extension to Mutaba clinic in another remote area in Masaiti. However, it is likely that this will not begin to take shape (at least not through KHP) for a while, due to our current situation.

That being said, Adam Foot has begun the process of starting an innovative aquaculture business (LionFlow Trading), which will be based in Katonte. Part of the motivation for starting this business, is to develop the area, creating jobs and new opportunities for the local population. Therefore, Adam hopes that once LionFlow is up and running, it will be able to work alongside KHP and continue the vision that Theresa had for it. Eventually, if the business becomes profitable, some of resources generated would be channelled back into the NGO.